Established in 1964, well sort of; that is when my passion for baking began, at the age of four. I will go on record stating my mother is an amazing cook but no baker. That was my grandmother’s role. So at the age of four I was preparing beautiful pies and cinnamon buns…out of Play-Doh. I purchased my first cookbook at a 5th grade book fair and off I went. So here we are 49 years later and Bakehouse Bakery and Cafe is a reality.

I’m blessed to operate a Bakery Café, Bakehouse in a small town in Northeast Pennsylvania. We have established great relationships and many friendships through the years at Bakehouse.


During my 34 adult years in the business I have owned two bakeries in New York, two Bakeries in Northeast Pennsylvania, a trucking business based in Bakery Logistics and held positions as Division Coordinator of Bakery and Director of
 Bakery for two well respected gourmet food chains; industry leaders really, in the tri-state area.

In developing my plan for Bakehouse, the recipe was fairly simple: Great Food, Great service, Great Atmosphere. We hold the quality of our ingredients and finished products to the highest standards. For instance, let me tell you a little coffee story: Jorge, roasting stateside, anxiously awaits my call to prepare the beans his brothers grow on their family owned plantation in Colombia. There are cheaper coffees out there but none better that I’ve found.

We bake everything, every day. Our bagel and muffin baskets are big and 
beautiful and make a wonderful gift for any occasion. They are created with a great selection of Bagels, Muffins, Gourmet Jellies, Crumb Cakes, Brownies, Teas and our own Coffee. I can comfortably say they feed a lot of people, phenomenal quality baked goods at an amazing value. Please consider Bakehouse Baskets for your gift giving needs.

Whether you stop in for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you will taste the difference our focus on high quality, freshly prepared, real food makes. So stop in for a coffee and bagel, a latte and pastry or for a real meal any of an outstanding array of delicious soups, salads and sandwiches. I’m sure you’ll find Bakehouse hard to beat. Check our hours and come visit!!!